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Precision Pump & Valve

We are a leading provider of specialty process controls including valves, regulators, chokes, and chemical injection pumps to the oil and gas, petrochemical and refining industries. We service products from Quest-Tec (QTS), Penberthy, Jerguson, and more. We specialize in remanufactured products – saving you both money and downtime. Let us provide what you need during the construction process, throughout the life of your facilities, and everywhere in between.


Remanufactured Products

Here at Precision Pump & Valve, we pride ourselves on producing the best remanufactured units and parts. With our remanufactured products, you can expect substantial cost savings and reduced downtime, as well as a level of performance that will reach and surpass your highest expectations. You won’t have to worry when you choose us for remanufactured products. 

Remanufactured Product - Valve

Choosing remanufactured products means you won’t have to wait for a rebuild or repair on your current unit. They come ready to install, lowering your downtime and repair costs. Get back to work FASTER.


We give heavy attention to the quality control of our remanufactured products, then they are tested and inspected to be sure they will be optimally efficient. You can put your trust in Precision Pump & Valve.

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